Mentoring Program for Massage Therapists

The aim of the program is to narrow the gap between the new and experienced therapist. The education handed to you through your college, gives you the required baseline necessary to improve the health of the community safely and professionally. However, if you would like to accelerate your progression as a therapist whilst gaining knowledge that only years of experience can provide, then working with a mentor is a great way to achieve this.

Your mentor, Anthony Kaleel, will work with you to help develop business, communication and soft tissue skills. Passing on his valuable knowledge and experience, aiding in the overall outcomes for you and your clients.

The 3 month program is $250 per month and includes:

  • One face to face session per month.
  • Ongoing support through email and phone calls.
  • Structured learning. Including goal setting and tasks to complete each month.
  • Exposure to the methods and procedures within our business.
  • Potential networking opportunities with corporate and sporting organisations.

Learn from one of Australia‚Äôs leading soft tissue therapists. Anthony has established a well respected business, whose therapists have been in high demand by:

  • Elite athletes and sporting organisations.
  • Corporate health sector.
  • Charity organisations.
  • Allied health professionals.

Anthony has helped thousands of people relieve pain and improve dysfunction through a measured approach toward treatment. If you are interested in learning more about the mentoring program, then please contact Anthony.