Anthony Kaleel explains how he and former business partner Georgette Stephens, came up with their business name and what he believes the word ELITE means.  
The Sydney Elite Massage Therapy team are driven to help improve the health and wellness for all of our clients - no matter their vocation, activity preference or athletic ability. This month we’re stepping out of the clinic and into the local community, supporting organisations that have a positive impact on society. This fills us with pride and a sense of togetherness.
What is a trigger point? Muscles are made of up of fibres, called sarcomeres, that overlap each other. When the sarcomeres contract, they attach to the adjacent fibres and pull, resulting in movement of the muscle. To release this movement the sarcomeres let go of their hold on the adjacent fibres and the contraction stops. A knot, or more accurately a trigger point, is formed when the sarcomeres are constantly firing, or 'switched on'. It can feel like a nodule or knot in the muscle when felt through the skin and can refer pain beyond the knot itself.
Debbi Schulstad and Brad Milosevic are both flying out on Friday July 21st  to Tonbridge for the Athletics Australia Team Camp until 1st August. The team will then make their way to London to compete in the IAAF World Championships from 5th - 13th August.
Anthony Kaleel, Director and Senior Soft Tissue Therapist will be travelling with the Australian Basketball Team (Boomers) to the Gold Coast from 22nd - 27th July where a 20 man squad will be narrowed down to a final team of 12 players. A series of warm up games will lead directly into the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup where they will battle for top honours.
Debbi Schulstad
Senior Soft Tissue Therapist, Debbi Schulstad met with Michelle Bridges to discuss her role as a massage therapist, being an olympian and how massage can help your sore muscles recover after training.
Sydney Elite Massage Therapy are looking for passionate and professionally qualified allied health practitioners and soft tissue therapists to join our team.
Do you suffer from sore, tense neck and shoulders, especially when you’re stressed? Do you have back pain that interferes with your day? Do you have a sport injury that throws you off your game and stops you performing your best? Do you come home from work, shopping or the gym with aches and pains? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are a massage could help. But what is massage and how does it help? Massage is work performed on the soft tissues of the body to aid circulation, lengthen muscles and to encourage relaxation.
Throughout history, running has been regarded as a lifesaving activity. Whether humans ran to escape the clutches of a ferocious predator or in more modern times to catch the bus, we need to be able to run and run well! Luckily for the majority of us, today, we run to improve our health and fitness. Now that winter is well and truly behind us we welcome the warmer and longer days that comes with the spring season. Many of us will take up running recreationally, either in an event, a running group or on our own.
Brett Lee
Aussie cricket legend Brett Lee dropped in to our Khoury Chiropractic clinic to participate with Sydney Elite owners Anthony Kaleel and Georgette Stephens in a promotion for Men's Health Week 2013. The promotion was organised by Australian Association of Massage Therapists to highlight the need for men to take their health seriously.