What's in a name?

Anthony Kaleel explains how he and former business partner Georgette Stephens, came up with their business name and what he believes the word ELITE means.  

I have been asked the question before, “Where did the word ‘Elite’ in ‘Sydney Elite’ come from?” When my co-founder (Georgette Stephens) and I (Anthony Kaleel) established the business in 2010, we wanted to express to our clientele and the broader community that we are hands on therapy-based practitioners that deliver a professional service to all in Sydney with a focus on ELITE sports.

As Aussies we generally tend to be humble and unassuming in self-praise, sometimes suffering from tall poppy syndrome. I have to admit, when initially seeing our branding I struggled with the word, making me question…. “What does ELITE mean to us and how do we want to be perceived by the community?”

Firstly, let’s look at how the Cambridge Dictionary defines the word ELITE;

“The richest, most powerful, best-educated, or best-trained group in a society.”

So, we can definitely take out “the richest and most powerful” section in the definition! In saying that, creating a lot of revenue and being an influential leader in your field is not a negative, as long as it is done ethically and professionally.

However, we do strive to have the “best trained” soft tissue therapists! In order to achieve our goal, firstly, we aim to secure highly intelligent (both academically and emotionally) therapists that have been educated by the most respected colleges.

Even from this strong base, our therapists still want more! Their hunger for knowledge directs them to courses that will add or improve a technique or skill set to their repertoire. In addition to external learning opportunities, we have created a mentoring program, both for our team and students, and hold inhouse team workshops.

I believe that what we are creating is a team of ELITE therapists that aim to better themselves, hence delivering the highest possible service to our clients.

To say I am proud of my team, our business and our relationships is an understatement. When I am asked about what ELITE means to me, I see an evolution.

  • The evolution in our team, trying to reach our potential as ELITE therapists
  • The evolution in our business, having respect from our peers and within the health industry
  • The evolution of our clients, continually receiving ELITE treatments

No matter who you are or what you do for a living you are guaranteed to receive an ELITE service from us!