Video Consultations Now Available!

We are extremley excited to announce our new online video consultations are now avaiable!

Our focus has shifted from delivering our Nutritional, Physiotherapy, Massage and Exercise expertise to our community, from face to face to online video consultations. You can still make your booking through our same online booking system by clicking here. In the meantime, here is some info to help you understand what our oline consultations are all about.

What is Telehealth?

In it’s most simple form, Telehealth is having your health care consultation provided online, using either a mobile device (phone or tablet) or you laptop and pc. You will talk with your selected healthcare provider, giving you the opportunity to get the appropriate advice, strategies and exercises to look after your health and wellness.

How do online consults differ from face to face treatment?

A lot of what takes place at your first visit to a health care professional is answering questions. Questions like; Where is the problem? How did it start? What makes it feel better? What makes it feel worse?… All the information gathered along with professional clinical reasoning, allows us to properly diagnose or assess your health condition. From there, we will develop a plan of treatment. At Sydney Elite all our Telehealth practitioners have between 10 to 30 years of experience.

What if I need manual treatment?

There are many ways to perform self-treatment, and our experienced health practitioners can show you how. We can show you how to stretch, strengthen, self-mobilise joints, massage the areas that are in need while improving the way you move. We will take the time online, to make sure that you understand WHAT you need to do and HOW you can do it correctly.

What are the benefits of video consultations?

  • No issues with COVID 19 – you’re safe at home. 
  • No travel, so no rushing to get to appointments on time.
  • Some of our practitioners will be charging a lower rate for their consultations.
  • You can do your therapy at home, with feedback – you’re far less likely to forget what you learn during the session because you’re in a familiar, safe environment.
  • You can show us what you have at home to use for therapy – and we can make sure you use it correctly
  • There is the ability to book in short consults if you want to revisit anything about the last consult. If you have any follow up questions, this is an economical way for you to "check-in" with us.
  • Once you have booked in, we will send you all the appointment details including a link for you to join your consultation at the scheduled time.

Our team are ready are you?

Are you struggling get rid of the aches and pains associated with living at home? Forming good movement habits whilst away from your gym can be tough. Anthony Kaleel is a qualified fitness professional and soft tissue therapist, empowering you with any self massage, stretching and strengthening advice. He is your Soft Tissue Coach that will help you Move Better & Smile More while we are at home. Anthony will be offering "Massage Lessons" for those wanting to treat their loved ones at home. Soft Tissue Coach Bookings

Finding that your neck of low back is playing up with changes of working from home? Consider an online physiotherapy consultation – we can look at your work space, your sitting posture, give you advice and exercises to help clear up those aches and keep them away. Knee pain with no access to elective surgery for at least 6 months? A referral from you GP or specialist can get you an online exercise program from our Physiotherapist, Irene Leithhead, that will help you prepare for surgery and may decrease your pain and improve your function. Physiotherapy Bookings

Are you struggling to eat well with the change in your usual routine around food shopping, preparing food or even how and when you eat? Do you want to know how your diet can be improved to help support your immune system to keep you healthy and strong? Or perhaps you’d like some recipe suggestions on how to use all those tins of chickpeas (or other canned goods) you have in the pantry? Our dietitian Michelle Bruce can help guide and support you. Nutritional Support Bookings