Introducing PROJECT RISE, developing young humans!

It’s no secret, young athletes are very different to adults in more ways than one! Not only do young athletes differ in physical, emotional and psychological maturity compared to adults, but in many ways they undergo a different physiological response to exercise and training. A young athlete’s response to exercise and training is predicated on their own growth and maturation. Young athletes are not little adults, and exercise and training must take this into account!

We want our RISE athletes to be physically and mentally tough in the face of adversity. Project Rise was developed to provide athletes with the physical and mental tools to help them reach achieve their athletic potential by building strength, power, endurance, resilience, and more. 

FREE Workshops - Coaches and Parents

We will be holding FREE workshops for parents and coaches, focusing on:

  • Hydration and Nutrition
  • Training Session Structure
  • Growing Pains and Common Conditions seen in adolescents
  • Preparation and Recovery - Gameday and Training

To book in for our first workshop is focussed on helping out the coaches. We will be talikung about how best you can factor in athletic condittioning into your training sessions and what periodisation is. The workshop is being held Monday 7 June 2021 at 600pm at our Sydney Elite Health Group clinic, please email to secure your spot now as we have 15 spots available only.

Elite Athletic Development Classes

Held at our Kogarah clinic, the 50 minute EAD classes are directed at U9s-U16s, improving the athletic performance in the game they love! Sessions are conducted weekly for 5 weeks and consist of athletic training activities used to improve their speed, power, strength, endurance and more! The sessions are divided into 2 groups, U9s-U12s and U13s-U16s, so your child will be amongst their peers, also seeking to improve their skills and performance.

At this stage, only 4 spots per class are available, however, more classes will be offered soon. The sessions are conducted with exercise physiologist and sport scientist, David Watts, who has experience coaching young athletes at a representative level.

Next 5 Week Program Begins Wednesday 14 July 2021 

U9s - U12s @ 500pm 

U13s - U16s @ 600pm

To enquire about the program and book in for our Elite Athletic Development Classes for U9s-U16s, please email either or or call 02 9587 8566.