Cricket legend going into bat for Men's Health!

Brett Lee

Aussie cricket legend Brett Lee dropped in to our Khoury Chiropractic clinic to participate with Sydney Elite owners Anthony Kaleel and Georgette Stephens in a promotion for Men's Health Week 2013.

The promotion was organised by Australian Association of Massage Therapists to highlight the need for men to take their health seriously.

How many of you have a stubborn grandfather, father, brother, cousin or friend who struggles to make an appointment for their own health? Mental disease, heart conditions and cancer ruin the lives of many males and their families each day. Let's look at getting a healthier and proactive plan in place;

1. Visit your dentist every 6 months.

2. Exercise each day.

3. Get a blood test annually to understand how your body is travelling.

4. COMMUNICATE! Let your family and friends know when times are tough, they are there to help.

5. Get touched. Many men (especially the more mature) struggle with the idea of getting a massage, denying that they need it and can "put up" with the aches and pains. Massage is an amazing modality that can relax your mind and your muscles, while utilising techniques that can make your body work more efficiently in less pain.