A Message from Georgette Essey,

"After co-founding and directing SEMT with Anthony Kaleel since 2010, I have decided to resign from my position and focus on my personal life and personal development.
With my second baby due to arrive in just one week, I couldnt be happier spending time with my growing family.
To my loyal client base, thank you for all your support, trust and loyalty over my career so far. This job has never felt like hard work because of the people I get to meet and help along the way. 
Lastly, a huge THANK YOU to my business partner Anthony Kaleel, his family and all the talented therapists who have worked in our SEMT team over the years, especially those who have been with us the longest. While I didn't come to this decision lightly, it was made easier knowing I leave SEMT in their more than capable hands."


Wishing you all the Best,



A Message from Anthony Kaleel,

I am experiencing many emotions at the moment. I have feelings of joy, sadness, gratefulness, determination, and optimism. With the upcoming birth of her 2nd child, my business partner and friend, Georgette Essey (nee Stephens) has made the decision to leave Sydney Elite Massage Therapy as owner.

"You called me in 2009 to discus the possibility in creating a business partnership and man, it was hard to turn you down. By the time June 2010 came around Sydney Elite Massage Therapy was established and making a positive impact to clients who came to see us at Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, Sydney Olympic Park. Whatever I lacked in, you possessed. We complemented each other and like any strong and healthy relationship, you become a better version of yourself because of those who are closest to you.

Because of your vision, values and skill set, the business grew organically. It has not always been smooth sailing, especially in the more recent years. However we can always be proud of the quality people we have brought in to be a part of the SEMT team. You have been one of the nation’s most respected practitioners for many years and have promoted the careers of many therapists along the way, utilising your connections in sport to give them the opportunity many would only dream about.

This transition will mean that Joseph, Annette and “bub” will be able to have you around all the time. I am so happy at the impending arrival of “Baby Essey MkII” and wish you and your family the best in health and happiness.

Even though you are leaving our team, I hope it is not forever. There is no other Georgie."


Your partner always,