Corporate & Event Services

Welcome to Sydney Elite Massage Therapy (SEMT), where you and your employees will be in the best of hands. 

We have assembled a team of professional soft tissue therapists that consult within our treatment rooms in Sydney Olympic Park, Kogarah and Potts Point.

As well as treating in the clinical environment, SEMT wish to bring our expertise to your team or event. We will improve the physiological and psychological health, efficiently and effectively by educating and treating at your workplace.

In the corporate setting we have helped thousands of employees working within many companies across Sydney. Deloitte, Commonwealth Bank, Chandler Macleod, Study Group and SNP Security are some organisations who have experienced our high level of service.

Multiple studies have shown that with a team of professionally qualified therapists performing a variety of massage techniques and education, the following benefits can be achieved;

  • An increase in blood flow will improve mental alertness and productivity while decreasing blood pressure, stress and anxiety levels.
  • Minimising RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and OOS (Occupational and Overuse Syndrome) conditions and their effect on productivity, workers compensation and sick days. Conditions can include; carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, trigger finger, lower back, mid back and neck pain.
  • A reduction and relief from tension headaches, wry neck (torticolis), muscular spasms and neural tension conditions (eg. sciatica, pins and needles and peripheral neuropathy).

Treatments can range from 3 minutes upward per individual and may be performed seated or on a massage table.

Please contact us for more information